ProDairy is an initiative by Andrew Maina, owner of Risa Farm and Johan Fieten of Fieten Limited which started in 2017. Risa Farm, which has operated as a dairy farm for over 40 years in Redhill-Limuru, decided to build a state of the art dairy farm inclusive of training facilities and that is when they engaged Johan Fieten. Fieten Limited in East Africa, is active with master planning for dairy farms, farm barn designs, advise and sale of barn equipment, livestock housing products and cow comfort solutions.

In ProDairy, both Risa Farm & Fieten Ltd have come together to offer their services and expertise in the dairy industry. ProDairy focuses on service to the dairy farmer, advising and training of the farmer and his staff with the aim to run the farm in a professional way and be profitable at the same time. ProDairy will provide solutions for the comfort of your cows across the East African region, both to small and large-scale dairy farms. It’s a one stop solution to make farming easy and sustainable. All our products are cow friendly and will provide cow comfort.